Art Malkov Represents at NamesCon 2024 in Austin

Art took the stage at NamesCon 2024 to share his insights on digital marketing and the evolving landscape of Web3. His sessions drew a large audience eager to learn from his extensive experience and innovative strategies.

namescon-names-con-web3-influencer-marketing-crypto-influencer-marketing-lever-io-creator-marketing-header has been busy attending multiple conferences this month. Following our successful participation at Consensus 2024, Art Malkov,'s Co-founder, continued to make waves in the digital marketing world by attending NamesCon 2024, which was also held in Austin, Texas.


As a prominent figure in the Web3 and digital marketing spaces, Art's presence at NamesCon further solidified's reputation as Web3's biggest up-and-coming solution for content and influencer marketing.

Speaking Engagements on NamesCon 2024's Keynote Stage

Art took the stage twice at NamesCon 2024 to share his insights on digital marketing and the evolving landscape of Web3. His sessions drew a large audience eager to learn from his extensive experience and innovative strategies.


Art highlighted the unique challenges and opportunities that digital marketers face in a decentralized world and provided actionable advice for leveraging these new paradigms. As you can see in the picture above, was joined on stage by Andrew Alleman of Domain Name Wire.

NamesCon 2024 Overflowed with Networking and Collaboration Opportunities

Beyond his speaking engagements, Art took full advantage of the networking opportunities at NamesCon. He connected with other industry leaders, influencers, and digital marketing professionals, sharing's vision and exploring potential collaborations.

Left to right: Sedo Premium Broker, Mark Ghoriafi; author and investor Elie Eweka; Dennis Tinerino, Founder of Domain Smoke; domain investor Joey Nabor, and's Art Malkov.

These interactions are crucial for expanding's network and driving future growth. In fact, might witness a new addition to the team as a direct result of talking about Lever's mission over the ubiquitous barbecue meetups at NamesCon!

How the Evolution of Web3 Impacts Domain Branding

The evolution of Web3 is transforming domain branding through decentralized systems like the Ethereum Name Service (ENS) and Unstoppable Domains. Unlike traditional domains managed by centralized authorities, these blockchain-based domains provide full ownership and control, reducing risks of censorship and domain seizure.


The interoperability of blockchains allows brands to offer new, engaging services directly through their domains. As Web3 continues to evolve, incorporating decentralized domains into digital branding strategies will be essential for brands aiming to lead in the digital space and foster a modern, forward-thinking image.

Nearly everyone who attended NamesCon is preparing for the inevitable rise of Web3, and they showed great interest in Lever's mission to make it easier than ever for brands to find and work with Web3 influencers. will be at the forefront, helping guide influencer-based digital marketing campaigns that move the Web3 revolution forward at every step.

Two Conferences Down in Unforgettable Austin

Art’s back-to-back participation in Consensus and NamesCon provided him with a unique perspective on the current state of Web3 and digital marketing. He noted the vibrant atmosphere of Austin, contrasting it with the fast-paced environment of New York City, and appreciated the city's warm hospitality and culinary culture.


Lever's presence at NamesCon 2024 not only reinforced the company's position as a thought leader in the digital marketing and Web3 spaces but also opened up new avenues for growth and innovation.

Building Momentum to Liftoff: Invite-only Beta Launch Coming Soon!

The insights and connections gained from this conference will undoubtedly contribute to's ongoing mission to revolutionize influencer marketing in the decentralized digital economy.


The period covering Consensus and NamesCon 2024 brought the highest bump in traffic to since the landing page went live. We're definitely filling a major gap in the influencer market, and brands are gearing up to hire content creators of all stripes through the Web3 influencer marketplace.

Stay tuned to the blog for more updates on our journey and future engagements. For more information on our platform and how we are transforming digital marketing, visit and join for early access as a brand.