Lever.io: Mapping a New Paradigm for Web3 Influencer Marketing in 2024

Lever.io has created the first Web3 influencer marketplace, offering a streamlined, transparent, and intuitive platform that seamlessly connects companies with leading Web3 influencers.

Lever.io: Mapping a New Paradigm for Web3 Influencer Marketing in 2024

Lever.io has created the first Web3 influencer marketplace, offering a streamlined, transparent, and intuitive platform that seamlessly connects companies with leading Web3 influencers.

Our comprehensive vision integrates cutting-edge blockchain tech, data analytics, and AI to empower great projects in the new, Web3 economy.   

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1. The Crypto Influencer Economy is Extremely Inefficient: A Solution is Needed

2. Lever.io is Charting the Uncharted: A New Way to do Web3 Promotion Deals 

3. Onboarding the Next Big Influencers and Web3 Companies

4. Elevating User Experience With Lever

5. Lever’s 2024 Vision: Expanding Horizons 

6. Lever.io is Ready for Multi-Platform Expansion

7. AI, Data Analytics, and Web3 Features

8. Launching Beyond the Blockchain

9. Revolutionizing the Landscape of Web3 Influencer Marketing   

In the ever-evolving Web3 industry, technology and trends move rapidly, but supporting infrastructure often lags and struggles to keep up. The creator economy is the fastest growing space in crypto marketing, and yet it is filled with friction. 

There is a two-sided issue: blockchain companies need to hire Web3 influencers, and Web3 influencers need companies to work with; the connecting bridge has been missing.

“The current state of Web3 influencer marketing is in dire need of rebuilding. The space needs a place that solves the problem on both ends: the company's need to hire effective and reliable influencers and the influencer's need to book legitimate, well-matched companies.” 

- Russel Traszka, Co-Founder of YouTube Channel Crypto Love

In the crypto influencer space, companies often struggle to find and connect with influencers, who are key to any successful marketing campaign. This central aspect of marketing is often met with roadblocks and delays, and is costly and lacking in transparency. This is a serious issue - a company’s very existence may be on the line.

“Marketing is like oxygen in crypto: if you don't have it, you won’t last… ”

- Chase, Founder of YouTube Channel Bitcoin Express

The Crypto Influencer Economy is Extremely Inefficient: A Solution is Needed

Large crypto influencers often struggle to find the right companies to work with, as they must sift through hundreds of inquiries to find just a few good leads. On the other hand, small and medium-sized influencers often remain unknown and underutilized, yet companies would get enormous returns from them. 

The creator economy in Web3 is on the rise, and KOL marketing is the essential way to connect with audiences. There is a growing demand for a platform that allows companies to quickly, easily, and transparently connect with Web3 influencers. 

Enter Lever, with the first comprehensive Web3 influencer marketing platform. Lever is reshaping the landscape of the Web3 influencer economy, introducing a complete solution that redefines the rules of engagement in this dynamic industry.  

"Lever addresses an ongoing problem that has only gotten worse since I first began writing about the blockchain space in 2017 for The Huffington Post. What's incredible is that this issue hasn't been solved yet. 

“…. Lever is taking the next fundamental step in crypto marketing infrastructure development, allowing not only experienced marketing teams to benefit from crypto KOLs, but any team, with or without marketing knowledge."

- Caleb Simons, HackerNoon 

So, how can a company quickly book a Web3 influencer, confident that they will deliver the promotion on time with quality content to a real audience?

Lever.io has the answer.

Lever’s fully-vetted platform enables Web3 companies to find and book vetted influencers with the click of a button. 

Lever.io is Charting the Uncharted: A New Way to do Web3 Promotion Deals 

In 2023, we set the stage for the full launch of our marketplace platform, onboarding client companies and talented influencers, building brand awareness, polishing our design, and releasing a fully functional beta version of the platform.

Now, we are ready to build on this foundation, growing Lever’s marketplace offerings and usage, and further refining the platform. 

Lever’s co-founder, Art Malkov, wrote about the rapid growth of the Web3 creator economy in Cointelegraph, On the horizon: The creator economy is moving to Web3”, which predicted the phenomenal rise of Friend.tech months before its launch, a project that generated hundreds of millions in volume in the months since, and put the creator economy on the map. 

The buzz around the creator economy is only growing, and Lever is ready to take on a central role in this exciting space. 2024 is the year when we will truly reshape the dynamics of Web3 influencer marketing. 

Growth: Onboarding the Next Big Influencers and Web3 Companies

Drawing on our deep existing networks and connections, Lever.io has curated a top-notch roster of Web3 influencers to offer rapid scaling to Web3 companies, as the entire crypto market continues to grow. Our aim is not simply to onboard more creators and company clients, but create a thriving community where influencers and companies seamlessly transact: a much-needed antidote to the current “wild west” of crypto influencer marketing.

“There’s no other way to put it: Web3 influencer marketing is a mess. Not much has changed since 2017 – an irony for a space that prides itself on innovation and cutting-edge development. 

“Every Web3 business that wants influencer content on YouTube or TikTok (for a DApp release or mainnet launch, for instance), basically has to reinvent the wheel – spend dozens of hours searching for relevant influencers, send numerous emails and messages back and forth, explain and elaborate on content specifications, and negotiate timings and fees – and in the end, they still may not be happy with the results!”

- Amelia Jacob, TechBullion

In the full bull market, billions of dollars will flood into crypto marketing. As the preeminent Web3 influencer marketplace, we anticipate capturing a significant portion of the influencer marketing economy. We are laying the groundwork for this by onboarding quality influencers and innovative companies, as well as building the necessary tech and personnel infrastructure with which to scale up. 

As the entire space grows and matures, Lever is needed now more than ever. It is essential to bringing the best Web3 projects to bigger audiences.

Elevating User Experience With Lever

Lever’s development team has been continuously testing and refining our marketplace platform, concentrating efforts to optimize the user experience for both companies and creators. With hundreds of millions of dollars spent on crypto marketing each year, yielding billions in investments, countless DApp users and other Web3 transactions, Lever recognizes the importance of offering a platform that effective, efficient, and transparent.  

Lever.io is set to revolutionize the Web3 landscape by strategically incorporating key features that empower creators and companies. The implementation of these features will contribute to a seamless, all-inclusive user experience.

Here's what Lever.io will offer:

  • In-house influencer metrics for detailed analytics
  • Comprehensive dashboard interface for easy navigation
  • Multi-tag search functionality for efficient content discovery
  • Affiliate link generator to streamline monetization efforts
  • One-click creator booking for quick and hassle-free collaborations
  • Business bounty function to incentivize engagement
  • Creator package deals for tailored solutions
  • White glove services for larger accounts, ensuring personalized attention

Lever's is committed to providing comprehensive solutions for Web3 companies of all categories and sizes.

Lever.io is Ready for Multi-Platform Expansion

Founded on the cutting-edge of a dynamic social media landscape, Lever.io already has multi-platform options. While YouTube has remained the top priority, for its large market share, evergreen content, in-depth format, and large, engaged communities, Lever embraces all social media channels for influencer outreach. 

Leveraging our existing roster of creators, we will be offering support for all major platforms, including TikTok, Twitch, and podcasts (Apple Store, Spotify). This proactive approach ensures that Lever.io stays ahead of the curve and meets the diverse needs of its user base.

Lever’s 2024 Vision: Expanding Horizons 

The meteoric rise of Bitcoin in 2023 has signaled the next big wave of crypto. Now, after years of steady development, countless quality Web3 projects are finally receiving the recognition and publicity they deserve. A true crypto Spring is on the horizon, and the time is ripe for a Web3 influencer marketplace that will support this exciting, dynamic space. 

Lever is creating the Web3 marketer’s dream platform, where top and rising influencers can be found and booked in minutes, rather than weeks (or not at all!). Lever is also spotlighting emerging influencers, the next generation of quality content creators, often undiscovered or overlooked, but that boast the highest ROI for Web3 companies. 

AI, Data Analytics, and Web3 Features

As a forward-thinking, tech-first company, Lever will incorporate the latest in AI and blockchain technology. We see the potential for AI to revolutionize marketing: increasing efficiency, expanding the marketer's toolkit, and leveling the playing field for emerging Web3 companies.

Lever will use AI for the following:

  • Creator/Company Matching: Advanced AI algorithms can precisely match influencers with compatible companies, maximizing their collective impact. 
  • Automated Translations for a Global Audience: AI-powered language translation tools automatically translate content to any language, embracing Web3’s diverse global audience.
  • AI Analyses of Viewer Behaviors: AI can analyze and interpret viewer behaviors, culling valuable insights to inform content strategy and enhance engagement.
  • AI "Due Diligence Tools" for Vetting: AI-driven due diligence tools will rigorously vet both creators and companies, ensuring a trustworthy and reliable ecosystem for collaboration.
  • Content Creation AI Assistance: AI-assisted content creation tools empower creators, enhancing efficiency and creativity in the content production process.

As Lever grows, our aggregated database will become a more and more powerful resource to draw from, driving insights and predictions. Lever will produce Web3 influencer market reports for companies, and actionable growth strategies for creators.

Sustainable growth is a central value for Lever, and as a Web3-focused company, we balance innovation with a practical, data-driven approach. That means Lever will be systematically rolling out new blockchain features, including the following:

  • NFT-based tier system for companies and creators
  • Cross-chain payment options
  • Creator tokens
  • Creator NFTs
  • Tokenized creator marketplace
  • Promotional tokens and NFTs for companies
  • Gaming and metaverse partnerships
  • Integrated Web3 services
  • Native Lever token

We look forward to a year of rapid expansion and platform development, as we take the next big step to reshape the Web3 content creator economy.   

Limitless Growth: Launching Beyond the Blockchain

While Lever is the foremost Web3 influencer platform, we recognize and appreciate technological innovation across all sectors with the increasingly important role of influencers and active participation of consumers. With AI, VR headset technology, and the metaverse still in their early stages, it is time to get in early, explore and embrace these groundbreaking trends. 

Lever will onboard influencers in VR, gaming, AI and more in the coming years. We are particularly excited for the intersection of these technologies and the blockchain, and see a golden opportunity to revolutionize influencer marketing across a diversity sectors.

Lever.io Next Steps: Revolutionizing the Landscape of Web3 Influencer Marketing   

Lever.io is a transformative force in Web3 influencer marketing, removing barriers that have blocked collaborations between blockchain companies and influencers. Lever.io disrupts conventional approaches to crypto marketing by offering a transparent and efficient platform for all. 

Lever.io envisions a future where influencers and companies seamlessly transact, fostering a community-oriented ecosystem in the decentralized Web3 world. Lever's integration of AI and blockchain technologies are part of our forward-thinking strategy, while the platform's expansion to various social media channels ensures adaptability to diverse user needs. 

Beyond the blockchain, Lever.io will pioneer the convergence of influencers and emerging technologies like AI, VR, and gaming, setting the stage for a dynamic and boundary-pushing influencer marketing landscape in the Web3 era.

We are about to start raising. If you would like to have any questions, contact us at partnerships@lever.io