Lever.io Web3 Influencer Marketplace FAQs

Lever.io Web3 Influencer Marketplace FAQs

These FAQs are designed to provide detailed answers to some of the most common queries about Lever.io. If your questions aren't addressed here, please reach out to us directly through Lever Support. We are here to help!

Getting Started


Working with Influencers

Getting Started

Q: How do I get started with Lever.io?

A: To get started, visit www.Lever.io and click on "Join as a Brand" on the landing page. Fill out the required fields and verify your email. Once your account is approved, you can complete your Brand Profile and start browsing Lever’s influencer marketplace.

Pro Tip: On Lever.io, more is more. Provide as much information as you can when creating your brand’s profile to make it easier for influencers to accept your request right away.

Q: What kind of information should I include in my brand's profile?

A: Your profile should include links to your docs, social media, current metrics (TVL, DAU), and if possible: your project’s roadmap and pitch deck. Provide any narrative that showcases your brand's mission and achievements.

Pro Tip: Providing all this information will make your brand more attractive to influencers. The less time an influencer has to spend researching your brand, the faster they will accept your request.

Q: How do I know which influencers are right for my brand's campaign?

A: Lever.io's marketplace contains detailed profiles for each content creator, including their niche, platform, and engagement metrics. This information can help you choose influencers whose audience aligns with your brand's target demographic.

Example: You're a DeFi project on Solana, and your CEO wants to do an AMA. Sort influencers on Lever by ecosystem (Solana), sector (DeFi), and services (AMAs) to find the right fit, right away.

Q: Are there analytics available for gauging an influencer’s success?

A: Lever.io uses proprietary metrics to gauge and display an influencer’s RVPV (Recent Views Per Video) and EVC (Expected View Count) on their profile. The RVPV and EVC can only help you estimate how many views your content request may receive, and they are not guaranteed.

Pro Tip: Check the RVPV for videos related to your specific Web3 sector or ecosystem. This metric can be a good indicator of your content's possible reach current with audiences. 

Q: What's the negotiation process for content requests on Lever.io?

A: None. Lever.io simplifies the negotiation process with an a la carte menu for content orders. You'll see upfront pricing and services offered by influencers, eliminating the need for negotiation. You just select the type of content you need, and your request will be sent to the influencer for them to accept or decline. 

Example: An influencer advertises a full-length YouTube review for $1,500 and a TikTok callout for $300. If you request both of these services, your costs will total $1,800. What you see is what you get!

Q: What measures does Lever.io take to ensure the authenticity and quality of influencers on its platform?

A: Lever.io conducts a comprehensive vetting process that includes checking the influencer's past campaign performance, follower engagement, and content quality.

Continuous Monitoring: Influencers’ performance and activities are monitored continuously to ensure they meet quality standards.

Q: Can Lever.io recommend influencers based on past campaign successes within similar ecosystems, niches, or sectors?

A: Yes, Lever.io can help you find influencers based on subscribers and views within similar ecosystems or sectors as your brand. Lever's search functionality allows you to sort influencers not only by ecosystem and niche but also by subscribers and RVPV (Recent Views Per Video)


Q: How do payments work on Lever.io?

A: Lever.io acts as a liaison between your brand and influencers, ensuring that quality content is delivered on time. Once an influencer accepts your request, you will be notified to provide funding, and the influencer will be notified to begin work. No funds are released until their work is approved.

Pro Tip: Fund your request as soon as possible to expedite your content order. You can start chatting with your hired influencer once you fund your request, but not before.

Q: How are payments secured on Lever.io?

A: Payments are secured through Stripe. You can pay using cards (credit or debit) or crypto (USDC and USDT). Your payment will be held as funding for your content request, and it will not be released until your content is approved.

Pro Tip: Payment prompts and reminders are integrated into Lever's platform through chat and email. We'll let you know when an influencer accepts your request as soon as it happens.

Q: What types of payment does Lever.io accept?

A: We accept payments via credit/debit cards, USDC, and USDT. Our payments are processed through Stripe.

Q: Can I get a refund on Lever.io? What can I be refunded for?

A: Refunds are available under specific conditions such as non-delivery of work, substantial non-compliance with agreed specifications, or missed deadlines. Please refer to our refund policy for detailed conditions.

Q: When are payments due on Lever.io?

A: Payments are due once an influencer accepts your content request and you are notified to supply funding.

Pro Tip: It's important to fund the request promptly to ensure the influencer begins working on your campaign without delays.

Q: What should I do if my payment method isn’t going through?

A: If your payment method fails, please check for any errors in your payment details and ensure that your payment method has sufficient funds. If the problem persists, contact our support team for assistance.

Q: How can I update my payment method on Lever.io?

A: You can update your payment method when you fund a new campaign. Funds will be independently secured, but not released, for each content request. Therefore, you can change your payment method for each request.

Example: Your brand pays for Request #1 with a credit card. You're happy with the results and make Request #2, and the influencer accepts your new request. Request #2 can be funded with USDC.

Working with Influencers

Q: How do I know an influencer will complete my request?

A: Your payment will only be released to an influencer when their work has been accepted. If an influencer does not deliver your content or delivers content that does not meet quality standards, then funding will be returned.   

Example: An influencer accepts your request for a full-length product review on YouTube. You fund the request, but the influencer doesn't review your product. Your payment is refunded.

Q: What happens if the content delivered by a creator doesn't meet quality standards?

A: Lever.io provides an option to click "Not Yet." You can give feedback on your deliverables, and your feedback will be sent to the influencer immediately.

Example: You requested a full-length review, but the influencer accidentally delivered a 30-second shoutout. You can click "Not Yet" and explain why.

Q: How will I know when a creator accepts or declines my request?

A: You'll be notified via email and in Lever's native chat.

Pro Tip: If you're in a hurry, you can request content from multiple influencers at the same time.

Q: How does the chat functionality work?

A: You can chat with influencers after you fund your request. Once funded, you can then directly message creators, share files up to 50MB, and discuss details about your request. When your campaign is completed, the chat will close.

Pro Tip: If you share content as an example of what you'd like to see in your deliverables, make sure you explain what specific elements you want reproduced/not reproduced.

Q: Can I schedule my content delivery dates on Lever.io?

A: Scheduling specific delivery dates is not included at the moment, but you can discuss and agree on timelines directly with each influencer through the in-app messaging feature.

Pro Tip: Some influencers may have faster turnaround times than others. Browse the marketplace for faster approximate delivery times to get your content ASAP if you're in a rush.

Q: What should I do if an influencer does not respond to my engagement request?

A: If a creator doesn’t respond within 5 days, your request will expire. Lever.io sends daily reminders to influencers about pending requests, but this does not guarantee they will respond before your request expires.

Pro Tip: You can request content from more than one influencer at the same time.

Q: What are the best practices for setting measurable goals for influencer campaigns on Lever.io?

A: Start by clearly defining what you want to achieve with your influencer campaign. Common goals include increasing brand awareness, generating wallet connections or other specific actions, or growing social media followers.

Pro Tip: Choose influencers whose followers align with your target audience and whose content style can naturally promote your brand.