Maximizing A Strategic Guide to Using Web3’s Influencer Marketplace

We give you the tools to find influencers that match your needs, safely fund your content requests, and collaborate with creators to reach your audience.

Maximizing A Strategic Guide to Using Web3’s Influencer Marketplace

The devs have been grinding, and you want everyone to know about your project. 

However, DMs sent to Twitter and YouTube influencers go unread, marketing agencies want monthly five-figure payouts just to get you in touch with KOLs, and you’re pulling your hair out trying to maximize your brand’s visibility without killing your team’s marketing budget. Sound familiar?

This is where Lever can make your life a lot easier. We’re here to make it as easy as possible to order bespoke content from a wide range of Web3 influencers, and this guide will show you how.

Begin by Crafting Your Profile to Introduce Your Brand 


Your journey on begins with your brand’s profile, the first thing a creator will look at before accepting your content request. 

Pro Tip: More is more. The less research influencers have to do on your company, the more likely they are to accept your requests.

Don’t hold back when creating your profile—provide as much information as possible, and try to include:

  • Links to your docs, pitch deck, and social media
  • Current data like TVL, DAU, or any other favorable metrics
  • Your project’s roadmap and goals 

Ideally, you should weave a narrative that reflects your project’s mission and the problems you're solving in Web3. Highlight past wins, partnerships, and the UVPs that make your brand stand out before a Web3 audience. 

Refine Your Search and Connect with the Right Influencers's search functionality is not just about breadth; it's about precision. You can filter potential influencers by niche, platform, ecosystem, and engagement metrics to find the right fit.

Whether you’re in DeFi, gaming, or NFTs, you can narrow your search down to content creators who target the kind of audience that will be interested in hearing about your brand. Here's an example: 

  • You're a DeFi project building on Cosmos.
  • You want to find influencers who are deep into DeFi but also have an audience in the Cosmos ecosystem.
  • Your CEO also wants to do an AMA.
  • On Lever, you can filter by ecosystem (Cosmos), sector (DeFi), and influencer services (AMA) to make a content request in minutes. Try it now.

No Need for Negotiation: Streamlining the Art of the Deal 

Lever’s influencer marketplace offers you an a la carte menu for content orders. You see what services a content creator provides, their upfront pricing, and when you can expect delivery.

Once you find an influencer that meets your needs, submit a content request. Again, more is more. Provide as many details as possible to help speed along the process.

Pro Tips: 1. Give examples of content you’d like to emulate.
2. Clearly explain the goals of your campaign.
3. Let influencers know if your request is time-sensitive.

Fund Your Content Request and Get the Ball Rolling ASAP

When an influencer accepts your request, you’ll be notified by email and in Lever’s native chat. As soon as you fund your request, the influencer you've hired will be notified to begin working.

Pro Tip: When receiving content for approval, you can select “Not Yet” and provide feedback on your deliverables. 

Your request can be funded by card (credit or debit) or stablecoins (USDC or USDT). Your funds are secured until your delivery is approved.

One great thing about using Lever is that your funds won’t be released until an influencer has delivered content and the content has been approved. 

You’re Working Directly with Web3 Content Creators

When you fund a content request, you can start chatting with influencers about your brand’s wants and needs. Here is where you can collaborate with influencers on a more granular level to make your vision a reality.

Pro Tip: Longer and more detailed messages about your campaign will help influencers better craft your content.

Once an influencer submits their work, you have 72 hours to approve their content, which will be shared with you via hyperlink 

All you have to do is review your deliverables, click “Approve,” and your transaction is complete! Your content will be posted within your agreed-upon timeframe, and funding will be released.

If you click “Not Yet,” you’ll be asked to provide specific and comprehensive feedback, which will be delivered to the content creator immediately. 

Boost Your Marketing Potential and Hire Web3 Influencers with a Click 

With, navigating the frontier of Web3 influencer marketing has never been easier. We hope this guide has equipped you with the know-how to elevate your brand's presence with Web3 influencer marketing! 

Lever's mission is to make your marketing strategy and execution a walk in the park. Lever shortens the negotiation path from days and weeks to hours.

We give you the tools to find influencers that match your needs, safely fund your content requests, and collaborate with creators to reach your audience. Now, all you need to do is sign up! 

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