Hello Austin: Building Lever.io's Network at Consensus 2024

Attending Consensus provided an ideal platform for Lever.io to network, connect, and expand its influence within the Web3 ecosystem.


The Lever Team recently made a notable trip to Consensus 2024, the premier gathering for crypto and Web3 communities in America. Held from May 29 to May 31 in Austin, Texas, Consensus is the world’s largest and most influential crypto and blockchain event.

Attending Consensus provided an ideal platform for Lever.io to network, connect, and expand its influence within the Web3 ecosystem. The team has been leveraging opportunities for networking at conferences left and right, and the positive feedback from Austin's Consensus crowd was enormous.

Solid Connections with Content Creators and Web3 Marketers


Throughout the conference, Lever.io successfully engaged with numerous content creators who are now onboarding to the platform. These influencers—many of them micro-influencers—known for their expertise and reach in the crypto and Web3 spaces, were particularly drawn to Lever.io's innovative approach to an influencer marketplace.

The team's efforts in fostering relationships with creators are set to enhance the platform’s content diversity and overall engagement. While content creators are hustling to build their network, Lever.io is hustling even harder to build a marketplace that makes it easier than ever for Web3 brands to find and connect with Web3 influencers.


Additionally, Lever.io connected with several marketers from Web2 brands seeking effective solutions for their Web3 marketing needs. The conference's dynamic environment facilitated productive discussions and collaborative opportunities, solidifying Lever.io's position as a go-to platform for influencer marketing in Web3.

Experiencing the Consensus Carnival in Austin, TX

While Austin's vibrant atmosphere was a refreshing change from the hustle and bustle of NYC, the Lever.io team embraced the city's unique charm and energy. The team enjoyed the blend of professional interactions and the city's lively culinary scene, making the experience both fruitful and enjoyable.


Inside the conference, it was quickly obvious that DePIN (Decentralized Physical Infrastructure) projects are tackling tons of real world problems. We can't wait to help some of these DePIN startups further their brands' potential as Web3 marketing begins to take on more consumer-side applications.


Outside the conference, it really looked like crypto had come to town, and in droves. Just taking one look at this Doge-covered Lamborghini sitting on the Austin streets should tell anyone passing by that Web3 is soon going to grab everyone's attention.

Forging New Web3 Synergies and Preparing for Launch


The connections and insights gained from Consensus 2024 are invaluable as Lever.io continues to innovate and expand its platform. By bridging the gap between influencers and brands in the Web3 space, Lever.io is poised to drive significant growth and engagement in the decentralized digital economy.

Stay tuned for more updates as Lever.io continues to build on the momentum from Consensus 2024, forging stronger partnerships and setting new benchmarks in Web3 influencer marketing. We're working diligently to make Lever.io the nexus linking Web3 brands and crypto content creators in 2024 and beyond.

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