Lever.io at NFT NYC: Unleashing the Future of Web3 Marketing

Lever.io recently attended NFT NYC. Co-founder Art Malkov took the stage and provided insights on the future of influencer marketing.

Lever Co-founder Art Malkov representing Lever.io at NFT NYC

Some of Web3’s most influential visionaries and voices converged in New York City earlier this April for crypto’s most buzz-worthy NFT conference, NFT NYC. Without a doubt, the energy at NFT NYC 2024 was an electric three days of idea-sharing and networking for more than just pictures of apes.

Among the 16,000+ participants attending this year’s event, Lever Co-founder Art Malkov took the stage several times as a guest speaker, panel member, and interviewee. While on stage, Art shared his insights on Web3 marketing and its future, placing Lever at the center of attention.  

Insider Insights and Key Takeaways Presented on Stage at NFT NYC

Art was invited to NFT NYC to give a talk titled Master Web3 Influencer Marketing: Insider Insights. The informative session also came with a Lever NFT as proof of attendance (POAP) for those in the audience! 


Some of the topics covered during the session include:

  • How to Unlock Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) - Your Key to Web3 Success: Art delved into strategies for identifying and collaborating with KOLs, who are pivotal in shaping consumer behavior in the digital space.
  • Get Ahead in the Game – Data-Driven Influencer Tactics: The discussion highlighted how data is crucial in crafting targeted, effective marketing campaigns.
  • Level Up Your Influence – Expert Web3 Influencer Strategies: Attendees learned advanced techniques for maximizing their impact within the Web3 space.

Discussing Community and the Future of Web3 Influencer Marketing

On top of this talk, Art was invited to join an expert panel discussing community and growth. Here’s a sneak peek into what Art discussed with the panel: 

Finally, Art was interviewed on the Attention Live Stage. During the interview, Art shared Lever’s role in the future of Web3 influencer marketing and the paradigm shift Lever brings to the way influencers and projects work together. 

Art talking about the future of influencer marketing with Attention Live

Lever Found an Incredibly Receptive Audience at NFT NYC

Off stage, Art rubbed shoulders with some of Crypto Twitter’s more recognizable faces, including NFTNick (@allnick). NFTNick has become well-known through his video content and the popularity of his Twitter hashtag #chooserich.  

Quick Note: Lever is actively onboarding creators from YouTube, Twitter, and TikTok. If you are a creator, connect with our partnership team at Lever.io, and we will connect you with some fantastic Web3 companies on our roaster!

Although not everyone is as recognizable as NFTNick, nearly everyone Art spoke with recognized the value-add Lever brings to Web3 marketing, which relies heavily on the creator economy. After sharing Lever’s mission with the bustling crowd, Art affirmed, “What Lever is building is igniting the entire space to think differently.”

He said, “Talking to content creators, influencers, KOLs, and their counterparts on the other side of the aisle, marketing coordinators at crypto companies, no one trusts each other. What Lever is doing revolutionizes the way influencers and companies interact, because it brings trust into the equation.”

Beyond NFT NYC: Building Trust in Web3 Influencer Marketing

The conference feedback for a service like Lever—one that builds trust and reduces friction between content creators and crypto projects—was resoundingly positive. Now that the dust has settled post-NFT NYC, the Lever team is sprinting to bring its influencer marketplace to launch in June 2024.

Moving forward, Lever will continue leveraging positive momentum to help ease some of Web3 marketing’s most sticky pain points.