2023 Milestones: Partners, NFT.NYC, Platform Progress, and Much More!

Lever.io has been focused on expanding the roster of company clients, bringing additional support to the team, and putting in the development work that will make Lever the go-to influencer marketing platform in Web3 companies.   

2023 Milestones: Partners, NFT.NYC, Platform Progress, and Much More!

Amid a busy December, Lever.io has been focused on expanding our roster of company clients, recruiting additional support for the team, and advancing in the development work that will make Lever the go-to influencer marketing platform in the Web3 space. 

Here’s a summary of what we’ve accomplished this month:

  • Surpassed $340,000 in company commitments for Lever’s KOL marketplace, attracting some of the leaders and innovators of the Web3 industry: Tron, Air.io, LBank, Mind Network, and a number of others.
  • Increased our total influencer subscriber reach to 2,000,000.
  • Accepted a speaking invitation at NYC.NFT.
  • Revamped our website and logo for maximum impact.
  • Garnered attention in the Web3 press, including an article in HackerNoon.
  • Brought on a group of talented business outreach and development interns.

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Now, let’s take a deep dive into Lever’s jam-packed December!

Business Commitments Surge To Total of $340,000 and Counting

December brought a substantial increase in interest from businesses eager to join and use our platform. We are excited to announce that our business commitments have quickly risen to a total of $340,000, and that number continues to rise as word spreads.

We look forward to working with Web3 leaders and innovators Tron, Mind Network, Hotcoin Global, Galactica, Air.io, Royalty, and more.

The industry recognizes the value Lever brings, and we are grateful for the support and eager to connect top-tier Web3 companies with ready-to-go, vetted influencers.

Our Cumulative Creator Reach is Now Over 2,000,000 Subscribers

Lever's marketplace enables companies to quickly and securely discover and hire Web3 influencers with escrow services that best match their marketing needs. 

Web3 creators are in great demand, and our team is working tirelessly to increase our offerings and impact, by onboarding the best Web3 influencers.

We recently welcomed five new creators, extending our reach to a total of over 2,000,000 subscribers before the end of the year.

This expansion further strengthens Lever's capacity to connect businesses with a diverse range of Web3 influencers across every crypto ecosystem, such as Cosmos, Ethereum, Polygon, Near, BTC, Solana, and the list goes on, ensuring maximum reach and impact for your every campaign.

 In The Media: Lever’s Mission is Critical to Future Marketing Crypto Infrastructure 

Hackernoon published a preview of the biggest trends set to dominate Web3 in 2024, and the creator economy is at the center. Lever is predicted to be the key player in this sector.

“Lever addresses an ongoing problem that has only gotten worse since I first began writing about the blockchain space in 2017 for The Huffington Post. What's incredible is that this issue hasn't been solved yet.
“To me, Lever is taking the next fundamental step in crypto marketing infrastructure development, allowing not only experienced marketing teams to benefit from crypto KOLs, but any team, with or without marketing knowledge.
“My research has shown that Web3 influencer promotion is a $22 billion market that has yet to be disrupted: a blue ocean, ripe for exploration.” 

- Caleb Simons, HackerNoon 

CEO Spotlight: Invitation to NFT.NYC

Our CEO's position in the wider Web3 space was highlighted by his recent invitation to speak at NFT.NYC. This prestigious event provides a venue for industry leaders to engage with the community, share insights, and explore networking opportunities. 

Lever's presence at NFT.NYC reaffirms our dedication to shaping the future of Web3 influencer marketing on the largest scale. Join us on April 3rd in NYC!

NYU Career Success: Introducing Our Talented Interns

Building on our successful engagement at NYU, Lever has added three talented interns to our team. Each brings a unique skill set and perspective and will be an asset for Lever's rapid growth. Please join us in welcoming:

Mateo Mayor, Partnership and Business Outreach Internship 

Zinchen Fan, Software Development Internship 

May Yu, Design Internship

Lever presents an exciting opportunity for these interns, giving them a front row seat to witness and participate in the blockchain industry’s growth. They will joins us in creating a better marketing infrastructure for Web3 influencers and companies.

Likewise, these interns’ skills and perspectives will provide a boost for Lever’s development and outreach, and we look forward to offering them the unique experience of contributing to a cutting-edge Web3 company.

Explore Our New Site: Lever.io, Easy and Seamless Navigation

Our primary focus, above all else, is Lever’s marketplace platform itself, which is set to provide top-notch user experience for both companies and influencers. 

Our dedicated team of developers has made tremendous progress this month, building out a slew of popular features that will make Lever’s platform highly intuitive and user-friendly.

Lever’s user interface balance fast onboarding and seamless influencer search and selection with more sophisticated features, such as our in-house creator metrics, giving participating Web3 companies a substantial edge in the market.

Logo Reimagined: A Symbol of Speed and Innovation

As our marketplace has evolved and taken shape, we have also rethought and redesigned our logo to express more effectively the speed and dynamic innovation of our platform design.

“The logo is all about speed and control, putting you in the driver’s seat of your crypto marketing. It is creative and modern, a bit whimsical and captures the energy of motion”  - Mariana, Lead Designer, Lever.io

We’ve gone to great lengths to optimize every element on the platform to creat the most polished and positive experience for our users. Our logo reflects the dynamic nature of our position at the forefront of the Web3 and influencer spaces.

Looking Ahead to 2024: Full Platform Launch!

As we reflect on December's achievements, Lever remains dedicated to pushing boundaries, fostering partnerships, and redefining the Web3 influencer landscape. 2024 promises to be an incredible year for Lever, as we plan on launching the full platform in Q2. Prior to the full launch, we will be offering a beta version to select companies and influencers to showcase the platform.

Lever Pre-Seed Raise Starts (Email us for start date)

Closed Beta Launch - End of Jan.

Platform Launch - Q2

We will be starting our raise very soon!

If you are business or an investor, and would like to get a sneak peek at our platform, what’s coming, and our full roadmap, contact us at partnerships@lever.io 

Wishing you a fantastic year from the Lever team!