Milestones in November: Over $100,000 In Company Commitments, Pre-Seed Raise on the Horizon, and More

We made major strides on our roadmap, and brought Lever's vision to many people: from NYU to Dukes to Polygon’s Twitter Spaces, Lever was everywhere. Learn More...

Milestones in November: Over $100,000 In Company Commitments, Pre-Seed Raise on the Horizon, and More

November was an exciting month for! We made major strides on our roadmap, and brought Lever's vision to multiple audiences: from NYU to Dukes to Polygon’s Twitter Spaces, Lever was everywhere.

The Crypto/Web3 influencer market size is valued at over 11 billion dollars. On average, a crypto influencer earns 30-50 times that of a traditional influencer with a comparable subscriber count.

Lever Unlocks Growth Opportunities for Influencers and Businesses

Lever is the 1st crypto influencer marketplace focused on promotion. Any project can hire Web3 influencers through for targeted marketing campaigns: igniting interest in a mainnet launch, announcing milestones and showcasing cutting-edge products, or breaking exciting news.

Lever is a critical piece of the Web3 puzzle, which will unlock billions of dollars in undeployed revenue for creators, and potential new markets and growth opportunities for companies.

November Updates

We’ve been adding some amazing crypto influencers to our roster of Web3 KOLs, and best of all, companies are lining up to join our platform with money ready for Lever’s KOLs.

We are also excited to announce that, thanks to the hard work and sleepless nights of our dedicated engineers, Lever’s closed Beta is just about ready for launch. Mark your calendars! 

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So, without further ado, here’s what happened in November: 

Presenting at NYU, Pitchfests at Duke and Starta, and Polygon Spaces 

Art Malkov presents at NYU

Our Co-Founder, Art Malkov, recently appeared on Polygon’s Social Switch Twitter Spaces. Art also participated in pitch competitions at Duke and Starta Accelerators, and presented at NYU. 

Growing the Team: The Bitcoin Express Joins Lever as Adviser

The Bitcoin Express Joins Lever

We are happy to announce that founder of popular YouTube channel The Bitcoin Express, Chase, has joined us as a Strategic Advisor. 

Chase’s YouTube channel boasts almost 190,000 subscribers, and his social media reach extends to Twitter (X) and Instagram. Chase has been in the crypto industry since 2017, producing hundreds of videos on a variety of blockchain sectors, projects, market and macroeconomic conditions, as well as DApp tutorials and other related Web3 content. His top-performing videos have received hundreds of thousands of views each. 

Chase brings a creator's expertise, offering the valuable perspective of a top Web3 influencer, refining Lever’s messaging and platform design to attract and retain the best Web3 content creators in the industry. Chase will contribute to elevating our marketplace to a top-tier product.

Lever Beta is Ready to Shine... See What’s Coming!

Lever's UI allows companies to easily navigate the Web3 influencer market

Our team of developers have been hard at work, building out Lever’s platform. We now have a comprehensively categorized roster of leading Web3 influencers, a smooth onboarding and booking UI for businesses, integrated payment and contract functionalities, and cutting-edge analytics, among many other features.  

Companies Are Rushing to Join Lever! 

Blockchain companies are ready to deploy capital on Lever's marketplace

Lever has already been joined by a number of established and up-and-coming Web3 companies who can’t wait to use Lever’s marketplace. These include TRON, Mind Network, Hotcoin Global, Galactica, and the list goes on.

Their financial commitments to Lever’s Web3 influencers have reached $100,000 and counting as we approach our closed Beta launch.

Our Influencer Reach Has Pushed Above 2 Million Subscribers! 

We have onboarded a number of top Web3 influencers, with an impressive depth of knowledge and audience reach. Collectively, our roster of influencers has a follower count of over 2 million users.

Every company that books an influencer for content will reach countless potential investors, developers, partners, and community members. Influencer marketing is extraordinarily effective for its staying power: it is evergreen and snowballs as viewers share content across various platforms and channels.

Pre-Seed Raise on the Horizon

We have been heads down, hard at work, focusing on development, partnerships, and growth. We haven't begun raising yet, but will be very soon!  Email us for the raise details at